FOUND: Missing Bochur Located


A 23-year-old bochur who had gone missing since Thursday has been found safe and sound, boruch Hashem.

The bochur‘s family thanks all the askanim, volunteers and others who assisted, and all readers and other members of Klal Yisroel who davened for his safe return.



  1. comment #2 – Why are you asking for details? None will be forthcoming. Obviously, this will be kept private by the family. Nobody needs to know – no matter how curious people may be.

  2. Please don’t forget that there’s a person here and a family. Matzav didn’t post details because of this reason! We do not need to know! Baruch hashem is safe and sound!

  3. To all Yentas who need to know the smallest detail of every detail of every episode –

    to feed their GARgansous BIG OVER SIZED
    GOSSIP and Loshon Horo needs —

    GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. While it’s yentish to ask nosey questions, it is NOT yentish to just get the name, so we can eliminate it from the list of people we are (hopefully) davening for.

    • Well, if there are real issues, this can happen all over again, unfortunately. Don’t play the tzibbur for a fool. Once you get the tzibbur involved, they do have a right to know. Otherwise, ain lidavar sof.

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