Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter Who Killed Five Gets Life Sentence


The Iraq War veteran who killed five people and wounded six others in a 2017 shooting rampage at the main airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, will spend the rest of his days in federal prison.

Esteban Santiago, who had pleaded guilty in May to 11 charges in a plea agreement that spared him from the death penalty, was sentenced Friday to five life terms and 120 years in prison, with no possibility of parole.

Santiago, 28, fired 15 shots at passengers picking up their luggage in the Terminal 2 baggage claim area, aiming at their heads and bodies in a Jan. 6, 2017 attack.

Read more at USA Today.



  1. How kind the US is we now put him in prison for life. Free room and board, free food, free medical, 3 meals a day, etc. etc. boy is that a punishment and yes they go to the courtyard for exercise a few hours a day, and can check out books from a library if they want, for killing 5 people.

    • How hypocritical, would you want to be in prison for life?
      That person is a beast but will suffer a lot. As for his obvious mental issues, people in his situation should receive medical help before they get to this point and become dangerous, but is much easier said than done.


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