Former Vermont Governor: Trump ‘Is Mentally Ill’


Dr. Howard Dean, a physician who previously served as the governor of Vermont, told MSNBC on Sunday that Donald Trump suffers from mental illness and he is unfit to be president.

“I’ve long believed the president is mentally ill,” Dean said as part of a panel discussion hosted by Alex Witt, Raw Story reported. “And I believe narcissism overcomes his ability to know, A, what’s good for the country, and B, what’s good for him.”

Dean’s remarks came in the context of Trump’s response to the death of Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona. The president repeatedly attacked McCain for opposing his policies and was reportedly not invited to the senator’s funeral.

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  1. Was this the guy who’s presidential campaign basically ended after he started screaming like a maniac at one of his rallies?! (80% of liberals are mentally ill with the rest just plain evil)

  2. wow, look whos talking, how so they say it people in glass houses do not through stones, Howard dean beats trump by miles when we are discussing potential Belveu patients

  3. When he screamed the infamous “dean scream” where he actually did sound like a lunatic (which he most certainly is) he never recused himself from running for president because of his mental incapability. I’m not sure why any self respecting news outlet would quote anything this crackpot has to say – or scream. Of course the left corrupt “mainstream” media will quote anyone or anything that says something nasty about trump and the nastier the better. They basically have destroyed any respect the country could possibly have for the office of POTUS. But the truth is that works perfectly in tandem with how they’re trying to destroy decency and morality – and really everything that’s good about this country.
    Any G-d fearing person should realize that a vote for a democrat is a vote against G-d. [And yes, to all the morons that will scream “are you saying Trump represents G-d, etc.?” No one says pres. trump should be the next mashgiach in lakewood. But the president was never meant to be a moral figurehead – see JFK, LBJ, crackpot j. carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton, “W”, or Obama (golfer in chief – partying 8 years on the taxpayers checkbook) – the idea of a president is to keep the country safe, running properly, and to uphold the constitution. The dems believe that their job is to push their anti G-d, anti morality, anti decency agenda and anyone who doesn’t agree should and must be destroyed by any means possible – see nimrod, inquisitors, nazis, communists, etc. nothing new here.
    Whether someone is crass, or politically incorrect doesn’t make him fair game – unless he’s not a progressive, liberal democrat. Then all the rules go out the window.
    People, have sense, and vote republican. Don’t sit this one out. Hashem Yerachem

  4. It is unethical for a physician to diagnose a patient he has never personally examined, but ethical is not a word found in the Democrats’ dictionary.

  5. What??! After having Mr.Narcissist himself,Barack Obama as president?! President Trump has self confidence and gets the job done!

  6. Also if Dr.Dean really is a physician, he should know that Narcissism is classified as a Personality disorder, not mental illness.

    • Excellent point.
      Howard Dean ran the Democrat Party for a while. Yeh, we see he was a smashing success. They lost both the house and the Senate under his leadership. Dumb stupid loser.

  7. Whether or not you call it a mental illness, it’s clear that Trump is a bit off-kilter. He lacks the temperament or the intellect to be president. He’s actually not doing a bad job, considering the fact that he’s unqualified for it.

    Trump judges people based on whether they admire him and submit to his will. If you do, you’re fine in his book. If you don’t, watch out. He isn’t a racist; he hates equally both white people and black people who defy him.

    You can call that narcissism or not, but it’s no way for a president, or anyone else, to behave.

    • but it can be irresponsible if someone was to say mental illness bars someone from being president. didnt lincoln suffer from severe depression?

      • I agree with Sender. THANKS for taking exception to the Trump fandom… even the Supreme Court nomination isn’t a real conservative.

        But as for whether mental illness bars someone? I’d be inclined to say it does. Lincoln was a special case anyway: he was elected at a time when depression was poorly understood physiologically, and psychiatric treatment was in its infancy. I think many people were still thinking of it as “melancholy”, and couldn’t empathize with someone who had it. Today we know better.

        I say this as someone who takes antidepressants himself, so I can vouch.

        But narcissism is a much worse character flaw than depression in and of itself. You can be a God-fearing, moral person with depression symptoms; if you’re anywhere near being a narcissist, you can’t by definition.


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