Former U.S. National Security Advisor Asks Why British Royals Refuse to Visit Israel



A senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), in an article published Thursday, asked why Britain’s Royal Family refuses to visit Israel when they make frequent stops throughout the Arab world.

“In just the month of November 2014 we found Prince Andrew and Prince Harry at what the Foreign Office must have considered a diplomatic necessity: the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix,” wrote Elliott Abrams, who worked in both the administrations of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. “Prince Andrew also visited Saudi Arabia (at the request of the Foreign Office, it was announced). And Prince Harry also visited Oman.” Abrams then pointed out that the Queen has never set foot in Israel and Prince Charles visited the Jewish state only once: for Yitzhak Rabin’s funeral.

According to Abrams, there are only three “logical explanations” for the gross omission. One, he said, is that the Royal Family only likes to visit other royals and tries to stay away from republics. However, Abrams said Prince Charles visited Egypt more than once, “so there goes that theory.”

A second possible explanation is that the Royal Family fears a visit to Israel may harm the United Kingdom and its business with Arab dictators. But such reasoning is absurd, Abrams explained. “Given the current tacit alliance of Israel and the Gulf monarchies against Iran and ISIS, the likelihood that such visits would have harmed the UK is impossibly small.”

Abrams’ final suggestion is that the Royal Family won’t visit Israel because either they or the Foreign Office “harbor deep and undying enmity toward the Jewish state.”

The Council on Foreign Relations is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank and publisher.

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  1. well she represents the Church and we all know the are Anti Semites the only reason the Papacy is visiting Israel is to get control of parts of Kever David

  2. Her majesty the queen and her family is playing “good” politics. Jews do are not going to cry protest or burn embassies because they are not coming to Israel but Arab will!

  3. She represents the Church of England not the Catholic Church. So the Pope is not an issue here. It’s more like Eisov soneh es Yaakov. Hey everyone we are in galus. We tend to forget that.

  4. Perhaps the royals are just laughing that the jews have their own future. England is not limited to the survival of lost hope.

    Furtive years.


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