Former Secretary of State Colin Powell: America’s Support for Israel Has Never Wavered and Never Will


Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell was honored on Wednesday by the World Jewish Congress with its annual Theodor Herzl award at a dinner in New York City.

“The vision and prophecy of Theodor Herzl has become real so many years after his death,” the 80-year-old Powell — a retired four-star general who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the First Gulf War — said at the event. “And America’s dedication, America’s alliance and America’s support of the democratic State of Israel has never wavered and never will.”

Powell — the son of Jamaican immigrants — fondly recalled his childhood in the Bronx, where he had many Jewish neighbors.

“I proudly served as a Sabbath goy,” Powell said, drawing laughter from the crowd.

He also remembered the “joy throughout the neighborhood” when Israel’s independence was declared in May 1948, when Powell was 11.

“Tears flowed, celebrations everywhere, it wasn’t just the Jews who were celebrating, the rest of us were celebrating for the Jews,” he said. “We all shared in their joy, the joy of having a homeland.”

Later in his life, Powell went on to say, “I came to know and admire fellow soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. I came to understand the commitment of blood we had with Israel. I was a student of the wars of 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. And an American professional soldier, I marvel at the professionalism and successes of the Israel Defense Forces.”

While secretary of state during President George W. Bush’s first term, Powell tried — ultimately unsuccessfully — to advance the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. On Wednesday, he recounted his last meeting with Yasser Arafat in Ramallah in 2001, at which, Powell said, the late Palestinian leader lied to him.

Arafat, in Powell’s view, “led a movement, but could not politically lead a people or a nation.”

Regarding the still unresolved Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Powell said, “The quest for peace, however difficult, must not be abandoned. Israel needs to live in peace and security. The Palestinians need the same, as does the region.”

Peace, he added, “can only be attained by the parties themselves. The pursuit is not helped by international actions and resolutions singling out Israel for economic attacks, or human rights allegations while ignoring despotic nations far more deserving of condemnation. That is not justice and that is not acceptable.”

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  1. This lefty says affirmative action is necessary for black folks to advance in life. Mr. Powell, you are sadly mistaken. Advancement in life is based on the merit system. Do you want everyone to feel helpless like your Brothers in South Chicago?

    • Tell yourself one thing. If we do not have any affirmative action in the USA, do we have respect for our flag. The reasonable mind understands that a slightly left culture is more conversational. The workplace has more men and women of diverse backgrounds and the innate intelligence can be developed.

      In all Colin Powell is a hero and his example is well set. He is friendly and his wisdom is well to study.

      Not every person growing up in a ghetto has a great chance. The immigrant comes here and starts with very little. He is YOU.

      G-d bless America. We will have more work.

        • Cheating is a test taken fierce wrong. Affirmative action is not a test. It is a civil liberty. I have friends competent with many acclaim. If they were admitted to my school under affirmative action, I am glad. They are strong graduates.

          Clear blind met hate wants to disperse all affirmative action. It is unruly to the one who DOES cheat. Not a civil problem at low numbers.

          • I’ve noticed a pattern with you. Whenever someone disagrees with you, you right away accuse them of hate. Maybe that’s how YOU feel. You can’t live in a free society if you can’t have a discussion and disagree over opinions. You need to work on getting an Eyen Tov.

  2. Powell is correct that the U.S. has historically been Israel’s greatest supporter, a fact that we are eternally grateful for. Nonetheless, he is skimming over the less-than-friendly George H. W. Bush’s administration that was far less friendly to Israel (engineering Shamir’s election loss and sidelining Israel during the first Gulf war, despite its being attacked), as well as Barack Obama’s deliberate “creating daylight” between the U.S. and Israel, his blatant sneering contempt toward P.M. Netanyahu, his Iran deal that endangers Israel, and his not vetoing anti-Israel U.N. resolution 2334.


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