Former President Jimmy Carter Reportedly Fine After Collapse


Former president Jimmy Carter was taken to a hospital Thursday for dehydration while in Winnipeg, according to a news report.

The 92-year-old was in Canada helping build a Habitat for Humanity home when he “collapsed,” a volunteer told CBC News, triggering a rush of paramedics and firefighters to assist him. An ambulance took Carter to a hospital.

“President Carter has been working hard all week. He was dehydrated working in the hot sun and has been taken offsite for observation. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building,” a statement from the Carter Center said.

As a precaution, Carter was transported to St. Boniface General Hospital for re-hydration, and former first lady Rosalynn Carter is with him, the center said. Read more at WaPo.



  1. I have learned this lesson from Arafat and Castro. If you wait for someone to die, they just keep on living. I want him to be alive long enough to realize the mistakes he has made and perhaps to see the hand of G-d in history and we could then say “Kamma apatreki avru al hai gavra”, how much has this man seen, and perceived the hand of HAshem. If that won’t happen he will have to eat his hatred in another world.

  2. Er zol vaksen mit zayn peanuts in the erd. A shtick menivel. Er zul brennen in gehenim. Vermel zol kreechen fin zayn nooz biz zain pipik.


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