Former President Jimmy Carter Backs Palestinian UN Bid


carterFormer President Jimmy Carter says he supports the Palestinians’ effort to gain international recognition of their independence at the United Nations this month.

The Georgia Democrat said Tuesday he wouldn’t be in favor of the Palestinians’ appeal to the U.N. if the White House had “put forward any sort of comprehensive peace proposal.” But he said Palestinians have few other options since no deal is in the works.

He said: “As an alternative to a deadlock and a stalemate now, we reluctantly support the Palestinian move for recognition.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is set to address the U.N. next week and ask the world to recognize a Palestinian state, despite concerns from some quarters that it could provoke a regional meltdown and further isolate Israel.

{Breitbart/ Newscenter}


  1. nothing new… I heard that Carter credited himself for all of Reagan’s success too. Especially after he visited North Korea earlier this year, I’m curious to know if he himself realizes that he’s missing the boat.

  2. I guess we have to hear from the penut gallery. But explain something to me, Mr Smiling AntiSemite, how is a Palestinian State going to bring peace?

  3. Isn’t it interesting that when Republican Presidents leave office, they leave office. No opinions on current American policy. No statements about “What I would have done…”.

    But we constantly hear from Democratic former Presidents. Clinton and Carter are regularly taking political sides on each and every matter.

    We barely hear from Goerge W., that’s the way it should be! What part of “You’re no longer President, sir. You are a regular citizen!” do these Democrats not understand?? Especially Carter who the American people voted out of office basically telling him, “We don’t want you or your opinion! Kindly keep quiet (b’loshon niKiya)!!

  4. This man is one of the biggest Sonei Yisroel around today. Aleast Achmenejad is tocho k’boro. Carter acts like a nice liberal friend, but will stab Yidden in the back every single time.
    With “friends” like him, we don’t need enemies.


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