Former President George HW Bush Hospitalized Again


Former President George H.W. Bush was hospitalized Sunday afternoon for low blood pressure and fatigue, according to his spokesman.

This is the second time in four weeks that Bush, 93, has been hospitalized. The former president was taken to a Houston hospital on April 22 for a blood infection and released after a nearly two-week stay.

The former president was also hospitalized twice last year.

Read more at The Hill.



      • Everything that doesn’t fit with the CIA’s and FBI’s official narrative are “conspiracy theories”.
        Conspiracy theorists is just your excuse because you have no critical thinking skills and are just a programmed zombie trained not to question authority.

    • Well, that one made it to Snope’s “The World’s Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories” list. Congratulations!

      • Citing Snopes makes you look like a fool. Snopes is nothing but a hoax run by a liberal couple – divorced now – and their cat.

        • Snopes provides links to verifiable sources. They do not make unsupported claims. Calling a site that that provides verified links a “Hoax” is like calling claiming a window is showing false images; it doesn’t create its own data, it simply and transparently passes other data along to viewers. Furthermore, what both the window and Snopes are showing can easily be verified – open the window and go to the sites Snopes provides the links to.

          Unlike a hoaxter/troll/liar/lunatic like yourself who makes claims such as Bush Sr. was a Nazi (guess his parents, friends and acquaintances needed stronger glasses), the school massacres in Connecticut and Florida never happened, Syria never used poison gas, 9/11 was a CIA plot, and every other lunacy under the sun.

          BTW, Trump’s orange hair is actually thousands of small copper antennae which receive radio transmissions from his Venusian masters. Oh, you didn’t make that claim yet? Well, get with it.

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