Former Obama Energy Aide: Trump ‘Afraid’ Of Own Admin’s Climate Report


A former energy and climate aide to President Obama called out the Trump administration for releasing its climate report on Black Friday, accusing President Trump of being “scared” of the report’s findings.

The report, released Friday, details how climate change will interrupt the way people live day-to-day as it ravages infrastructure, impacts human health, poses challenges to the global economy and threatens the world’s energy supply.

The report makes clear that climate change is real and human caused and that its effects are getting worse.

“I think President Trump is obviously afraid of what [the] administration is reporting,” former White House official Jake Levine said Friday on MSNBC. “It’s contrary to his agenda, it’s contrary to the interests that support this president.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Hey Jake. Your ex-boss was in power and ruled with an iron fist for 8 years. Why didn’t he do a thing about climate change?!

  2. These guys are a total joke they can’t prove anything about global warming but present as fact and demand that we accept their version of facts

  3. Climate change is a hoax. Period. No one is afraid. Even the proponents know it’s a hoax. They just push it so they can make laws. All the data is manipulated. They can’t even get tomorrow’s weather straight

  4. Whom are they fooling? The climate has been changing since the world was created. משנה עתים ומחליף את הזמנים


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