Former Navy SEAL: Thailand Cave Rescue Is Like ‘Climbing Mount Everest


Jake Zweig, former Navy SEAL and combat swimmer, told Fox reporters that the dangerous and harrowing rescue of a soccer team trapped in a flooded Thailand cave was comparable to climbing the tallest mountain in the world.

The team and coach were taught diving skills Saturday in advance of their trek out of the cave.

“In this situation, if you get in trouble under the water, you can’t come up to the surface,” he said. “That’s what poses all the problems.”

“People don’t understand how much gear these guys have,” Zweig said of the rescuers. “They’re not just swimming the whole time. They’re climbing rocks, they’re getting out and walking. … There’s a whole lot of stages to this mission just like climbing Mount Everest.”






  1. What’s this guy drinking? He’s talking incoherently. It’s no wonder he’s a “former” Navy seal.


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