Former Mayor Ed Koch Rips President Obama’s Israel Policy


ed-kochFormer New York City Mayor Ed Koch is crossing party lines to endorse a Republican candidate for Congress, citing what he called President Barack Obama’s “hostility” towards Israel.

“President Obama imposes conditions on Israel – says the ’67 Lines – and doesn’t impose any conditions on the Palestinian Authority, which now includes Hamas, a terrorist organization,” Koch said.

Koch held a press conference Monday morning in which he threw his support behind businessman Bob Turner, who is running for the 9th Congressional District seat vacated by the scandal-scarred Anthony Weiner.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Hears From The Former Mayor

Turner will be running against Democrat David Weprin.

“I disagree with him on the way he views the State of Israel and what I perceive to be his hostility,” Koch said.

Koch said the President’s demands on Israel would have a negative affect on its national security and was critical of his policy because it doesn’t make comparable demands to the Palestinians.

“I want to send a message that’s not the vision that New Yorkers and Jewish and Christian supporters of the State of Israel have,” Koch said.

Stan Brooks of 1010 WINS’ spoke with one Republican supporter of Turner who said Koch’s endorsement will help.

“This will make a lot of people take up and notice Bob more and see that he is a different candidate,” he said. “I think it’ll help people in Queens look at this in a serious note – especially the Democrats, the independents and I think this could turn the tide.”


  1. Come on Chevrah. Let’s vote in droves for Bob Turner. Let this be a landslide victory. Let’s make a Kiddush Hashem. Enough of always voting for the left wing, pro same gender marriage, pro abortion, Liberal, candidate. Republicans also give gelt. Don’t worry.

  2. Good to see a Jewish Democrat who puts his love for Eretz Yisroel and the Jewish people ahead of his party affiliation. Good to see, but also rare to see.

  3. This gentleman has had a history of being pro baal toeivah. It was under his guidance in his administration that the first legislation giving marriage benefits to “domestic partners” was proposed (and happily defeated). There were also questions raised about his personal life and the presence of a close male friend of his being on the city payroll on a no-show job.

    Is this the sort of person we want to trumpet to the world as defending Israel? Does it matter whom he likes? With all the troubles NY is having with the new “marriage” bill, perhaps we could find a better PR advocate.

  4. Funny thing about this: Ed Koch says Obama has a bad policy on Israel. Where was he when Bush created this policy? Koch is like Lee Smith in the Weekly Standard who cant tell us any detail about what Obama has done differently than Bush!

    This article also claims a fairy tale about Obama:

    Second question for Koch: why has Ed Koch never actually said what Obama has done differently than Bush that causes this amazing call to action on Ed Koch’s part? After all, even Koch concedes that the democrat is the same as him on everything important including Israel, and that the republican running against the frum democrat will have a detrimental voting record in the United States Congress.

    So the million dollar question for Koch is this: If Obama’s position on Israel is so bad that a message needs to be sent that will cause detriment to all of the United States in terms of voting in a republican as Koch concedes, shouldn’t Koch be able to show us one of the decisions Obama has made or will make that is BOTH detrimental to Israel AND a decision that GW BUSH did NOT himself also make with regard to Israel ? After all, Koch cant think Bush made such a detrimental decision because GW Bush and Condi crafted the most detrimental decision ever: After failing to get Abbas to accept LESS, he and Olmert crafted a final peace deal that gave up 100% of the West bank with a 6.8% swap and the internationalizing of part of East Jerusalem.

    Doesn’t Koch owe us the details of what decision Obama made or has decided to make that is worse than the above?

    Has Ed Koch even one time expressed what in Obama’s decisions have brought about more detriment to the state of Israel than that?

    Even GW Bush couldnt force Abbas to accept a lesser deal—- so Bush tried with the offer he and Olmert offered and was rejected after a full year of intense negotiation starting at the end of 2007 ( or before)

    Doesn’t Koch, if he is to be taken at all seriously, owe us the answer? Doesn’t he owe us the concrete details for this extraordinary claim and request of his? Yet, Koch has not done so. If there was an answer it would be out there, he would have given it his best shot. Yet nothing. He says nothing in detail.

    The reason is because his position is a fraud. It is irrational.
    Since it is an irrational request on the part of Koch, what is the real reason he could be doing this then?
    Could it be Ed Koch’s health and age?
    Could it be just more of the inexplicable detrimental decisions he has a history of making like telling us to vote Bush over Kerry even though Bush sent 4000 Americans to die for no threat ?
    Or could it be he is personally very angry with Obama that Obama has not called for Gay marriage even though common opinion is that Koch is a deviant himself?
    Is it because Koch has been brushed aside for two years after he supported Obama?
    Is it because Koch was hit in the head by an Arab with a rock at the koisel?
    Or is it because someone has something on Koch on account of his purported deviancy that Koch
    doesn’t want to get out into the public.

  5. Dear Old Timer
    I’m young & stupid but not too stupid to worry today about today and tomorrow! You’re justg worried about yedsterday! Yesterday is a cancelled check. Today the old man is right on target. Forget the messenger & listen to the message! He’s right on Bout smashing the president’s position. A vote for Turner is. Vote against Obama. Isn’t that what’s needed now?

  6. His support of Israel has always been strong and so has that of many Democrats. As a matter of fact, most Democrats are pro-Israel.

  7. ED KOCH is right on target. Pres. Obama is throwing Israel under the bus!!! Do not ever forget who helped get him elected (George Soros). Soros, re-named himself, and divorced himself of his Jewish roots! Everything Obama does, reflects in Soro’s “The Open Society” belief system. Soro’s sides with Palestine, NOT Israel! Millions of us Christians love, respect, and are standing behind all of the wonderful citizens of Israel! GOD BLESS ISRAEL! JEWS have already gone through the worst, during Hitler’s regime!


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