Former Lakewood Housing Inspector Among Those Arrested, Charged With Taking $15,000 In Bribes


lakewoodAmong those arrested today was Jeffrey Williamson, a Lakewood housing inspector who was charged with taking more than $15,000 in bribes over the last two years.

Williamson had also been a Democratic candidate for the Assembly from the 30th district in 2007. The 30th district includes parts of Ocean County.

In April 2007, Williamson met with a witness who was cooperating with the FBI and another Lakewood resident who had worked managing the cooperating witness’s properties.

Williamson accepted a $500 bribe from the cooperating witness in an unoccupied women’s bathroom of a Lakewood restaurant, according to court documents.

The bribe was given after Williamson gave the witness and the other individual advice about how to illegally use a residential property in Lakewood as a commercial office.

In May 2007 Williamson met again with the witness at a Long Branch restaurant and indicated he had recently performed lenient inspections on 27 of the witness’s properties which would then receive certificates of occupancy.

The FBI said he received a total of $15,000 in bribes over the last two years.

{ Newscenter}


  1. he is a good guy. was set up by the cw. with the type of salaries that government officials make, they are very susceptible to take bribes.

  2. I don’t really know Jeff, but I had two separate dealings with him. One was very pleasant, one was not.
    I was told I can bribe him. I was scared to, so I didn’t. Boruch Hashem. I feel bad for all who bribed him, he may start singing now.

  3. Jeff is a good guy but vertically challenged. The goys like him too because they can put a beer on his head while they bribe him.

  4. i think this is an amazing opportunity to bring out a point – many people think about the previous generation “how could they have given up shabbos when they came to america” – well here we see what someone will do under a bit of pressure

  5. Lashon Hara – Lamed Hei
    Straight to Gehinnom the easy way.

    Even my friend’s granddaughter who chants that rhyme knows better than to say some of the things that are being said here. It doesn’t matter who – and if Yidden are involved it’s kal v’chomer we should be careful what we say.

  6. you are all so blind…
    can’t you see you bring the hate on us?
    yid or not yid..(where did you learn to think like that Tsimmis??
    what about the law????
    from not stopping at stop signs to bouncing 25 million dollar checks…to bribes.
    people-obey the law…and have some respect.


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