Former Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon Joins The Elections With Newly Created Telem Party


Former defense minister and IDF chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon registered his new party on Wednesday, after the political landscape in Israel underwent seismic shifts in recent days.

After much speculation about his political standing, Ya’alon registered his own party under the name Telem, an acronym for National Statesmanlike Movement.

“I won’t join a coalition headed by Netanyahu,” Ya’alon said speaking at a cultural event in Haifa. Ya’alon added that he would not rule out serving in a government with Netanyahu’s Likud party, as long as he was replaced as the party head and front runner for the prime ministership.

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  1. Ya’alon, how dare you join any party after stabbing Elor Azariah in the back and putting him into prison for killing a terrorist; after accusing innocent Jews in the Duma fire and putting them through torture to confess and forcing them into prison where they’re still languishing for crimes they didn’t commit; for lying about Hezbollah tunnels saying there weren’t any. Stay home Yaalon. Your newly formed party will not have any success.


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