Former ADL Director: Now is Jared and Ivanka’s ‘Mordechai and Esther’ Moment


After President Trump’s conference Tuesday, where he defended his condemnation of both sides in the Charlottesville violence instead of outright denouncing the Neo-Nazi movement, Jewish Insider spoke to Abe Foxman, a Holocaust survivor and former National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

“As a Holocaust survivor, I never thought that I would witness the day that a president of the United States would rationalize away Nazism, its hatred, its violence, and find excuses for it,” said Foxman, who now serves as Director of Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. “For him to have seen the torch parade and the epithets against his daughter, his grandchildren, his son-in-law, and stand up and say both sides are equal? Shame, shame, shame.”

Foxman said now might be the time for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to take matters into their own hands and step into the roles of Mordechai and Esther. “I think this is the moment. People have said, ‘Well maybe Jared …’ Jared’s grandparents are Holocaust survivors. People say, ‘Well, maybe they were put there to be Esther or Mordecai.’ Well, maybe they have.” Read more at Jewish Insider.



  1. The ADL assimilated Jews are the cause of anti Semitism. They are bareheaded non observant and throw around Biblical names like they are practicing Jews. No shabbos and not much observance. They want the entire world to recognize Toeiva marriage. I wonder what mordechai and Esther would say to their agenda of pushing Toeiva marriage.

  2. Every generation has their Amalek in their galus. Today we are in galus Yishmael, and as long as the left aligns themselves with them, then they are just as dangerous as 70 years ago when we were in galus Edom and faced the Nazis. Btw, even in WWII, Stalin murdered plenty of our bretheren in slave labor camps and Siberia. As a daughter of survivors who has lost family both from the Germans and the Russians, I can say that it makes no difference to the victims or their families if they’re alt-right or alt-left.

  3. This crooked critisism of our great president is twisted more than any challah I’ve come across. And Jared and Ivanka aint no Mordechai and Esther, they’re first class guests at seudas Achashveirosh! May Hashem bless the U.S. and its great leader Donald Trump.

  4. Foxman is neither as smart as a fox or a mench ( man) your just a liberal Jew without Torah values Mordecai and Esther brought the Jew’s to Torah and teshuva your just collecting a fat pay check in a cushy job

  5. Why is Matzav reporting this old man’s drivel?
    Trump just got riled & said some Narrishkeiten. So what?
    If the left would only let him govern, the US would prosper like never before!

  6. ADL should be ashamed of themselves.

    Don’t criticize our president especially when he is right. (And if he is wrong, let others do the dirty work, not us Jews)

    The biggest anti Semitic hate today is from the left. Just look at all the social sites.

    Not the new Nazim and the left are pure Evil!!! As Trump so clearly stated!!!

    He did not answer for them and did not make them into victims as the media would have you believe. We heard the whole press conference and he was spot on!!!!

    Stop falling for the Jew hating media and thank our president for fighting them.

    The media is full of garbage, did u hear them attack obama when the BLM made riots and killed cops???

  7. This is simply laughable considering how marginalized a group they are as supposed to millions on left who hate us to the bone.

  8. No one is worried that the 300 nazis in Alabama will get in their pick-up trucks and take over the country. The counter protesters, however, have taken over every college campus and have infiltrated the news, corporations, and Hollywood. And yes, they can be violent.

  9. We are still in Galus. The appropriate thing for Jared and Ivanka is just do their job and keep a low profile. Keep Judaism out of everything because the non Jewish world is not interested in their Judaism.

  10. Jared and Ivanka should use their high profile for as much good as they can have men in this nation to see. A full Torah commitment must be the idea they should have shared. If the Chabad they joined does not encourage the full Torah idea of beard and chassidic life, they should be well to move to a new synagogue. Jared should become chassidic, wear a full beard and a kippah and be noted with tzitzits. It seems silly but that is Torah. We want Torah jews, not popular gold magnets looking for the next bread and breakfast.

    Still, it is neat to see the two of them in this year. They can have a full life to pursue the best jewish life and we wish them well.

    If Jared was full Torah invested today, we would have much stronger rights for jews. Seeing Torah in a community is knowing exactly what Jews are. We hope he is well.


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