For the Umpteenth Time: Gov. Christie’s Answer To 2012 White House Bid Remains ‘No’


chris-christieNew Jersey Governor Chris Christie said the co-founder of The Home Depot and other Republican donors he met with Tuesday didn’t persuade him to run for president in 2012.

Billionaire businessman Ken Langone is the latest to court Christie for a White House run. The first-term governor and GOP favorite continues to be talked about as a possible challenger to President Barack Obama, but his answer has consistently been ‘no.’

Christie met Langone and the others in Manhattan. Afterward, the governor reported: “I said nothing different to him today than I’ve said to other folks in the past.”

This spring, a group of Iowa donors had come to New Jersey to persuade Christie to run.

Christie has hosted sit-downs with some in the Republican field including Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty.

{AP/CBS/ Newscenter}


  1. #2, good point. Christie realizes that experience and maturity are essential to being an effective president. Why doesn’t everyone else see that? Maybe one day folks, but let’s let him finish a term as governor and turn 40 first.


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