For The First Time Since The Holocaust: A Pesach Seder In The Warsaw Ghetto


For the first time since the Warsaw ghetto was liquidated during World War II and all its residents were killed or deported to death camps, one hundred Jewish families will celebrate a Pesach seder in the ghetto, along with the Rabbi of the local Lubavitch Jewish community and his family.

Rabbi Shalom Ber Stambler, Chief Rabbi of Chabad-Poland is hosting a special Pesach seder in the heart of what was formerly the Warsaw ghetto with approximately one hundred Jewish families from Israel, Europe and the USA as his guests.

The seder will be divided into three groups and led in three different languages—Polish, Hebrew and English. Toward the end of the evening, they will merge and conclude the seder as one.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. Kind of silly, if you ask me. What is the purpose? Boredom? Make a few dollars? What’s next? Seder in Auschwitz?


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