For The First Time, Scientists Create World Map That Accurately Shows Earth In 2D


Ever since we discovered Earth was round, mapmakers have struggled to create a map that accurately shows our planet in 2D.

Most notably, Africa always ends up appearing far smaller than it actually is, while other regions—including North America—are shown to be much bigger than they really are.

The Equal Earth map projection was published earlier this year in the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. With it, scientists have produced a new 2D map that accurately shows Earth and its continents.

Read more at NEWSWEEK.



  1. Until a new arrogant group comes along and says the new map is accurate and this map has flaws. אין דבר חדש תחת השמש

    • Not so fast. Picture editing is part of it, but without all the scientific advancements we’ve made, we wouldn’t even have known there is a “problem” of this sort of trying to depict 3-D globe earth as a 2-D map.

      When I was growing up the geography teachers all taught that “all 2d maps distort. ALL.” I considered that a fact of life. I thought Antarctica was absolutely immense, because that’s how it looks on all the 2d world maps. But it looks like with immense technological aid at our disposal (also a scientific achievement) it actually …is… possible to have an accurate 2d map that doesn’t distort i.e. make some parts look smaller or larger than they actually are.


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