FOR SHAME: Rosh Chodesh Violence at the Kosel Sparked By Reform Protest, As Women Carried Sifrei Torah (Video)


Violence erupted at the Kosel this morning, the second day of Rosh Chodesh, when dozens of Reform and Conservative male and female “rabbis” carried Sifrei Torah during a supposed protest against government’s delay in designating a special area for so-called “pluralistic” and “egalitarian” prayer.

These men and women marched to protest against Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, claiming he is kowtowing to chareidim by not changing the status quo at the Kosel.

Twelve Sifrei Torah were brought to the Kosel by the protestors, despite a ban on doing so. Police did nothing as the protestors caused a ruckus.

The protestors ignored a request by Kosel rov Rav Shmuel Rabinovich for them not to enter the ezras noshim at the Kosel, but to remain at Robinson’s Arch.

“The Women of the Wall have hurt thousands of mispallelim by holding a demonstrative mixed-gender prayer inside the women’s section,” Rav Rabinovich said afterwards, adding that they “desecrated the Sifrei Torah them on from hand to hand like a common object and waving them like a protest banner.”


{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. They are indeed the women who hate their fathers and husbands. This is humane terror by the very evildoers of hate.

    Gross hate of Israel. Torah naive society.

  2. who knows what’s inside the objects that WoW describes as a torah, maybe what’s inside is as treif as what that group is doing outside

  3. I don’t understand. Who owns those particular Torahs and where are they from? Also, I don’t see the Kosel Rabbi in any of these photos. Isn’t Rabbi Rabinovitch in charge of everything that takes place there?

  4. Terrible.
    But I don’t think you can lay the fault of violence and chilul Hashem on these misguided women.
    Ignore them. Fight them in court. The second you get violent, you lose.

  5. We should all shed tears for what’s going on in our holiest sight! All through the years since we got the Kotel no one dreamed of doing such things


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