For Shame: Mayor De Blasio Urges All Americans To Continue Protesting Trump


Bill de Blasio supported Hillary Clinton. He bashed Donald Trump Trump won. Hillary lost.

But the New York City mayor isn’t letting go.

Today, he urged all Americans to continue protesting the President-elect.

In an interview with Hot 97 radio, the Big Apple mayor said, “We have to recognize that all over this country, the more disruption that’s caused peacefully … the more it will change the trajectory of things.”

De Blasio added, “We need to hold Trump accountable for anything he does that encourages hate and division … The more extreme he is, the more people fight back, the more it takes away his power.”




  1. Is this lunatic for real? HE should be brought up on charges! Hey DeeBee, YOU broke laws when you went to Cuba – you are a carreer law breaker!
    He sounds like Al Sharpton.

  2. Let’s hope Preet Bharara has DeBaloni thrown in prison real soon. This stiff is a danger to himself.
    Why don’t we all gather together and protest and close down the FDR as we March towards Gracie Mansion to disrupt this idiots sleep?

  3. I can’t believe no normal politician called him on this ridiculous comment. I live in Brad Lander’s district He sent out an email after Trumps victory. It began We are all in mourning. Sick people.

  4. The Democrats cause hate and division. They hate Hashem with their laws that go against Hashem’s laws, such as immorality.They do not recognize people’s rights to practice their religion, such as refusing to cater for immoral affairs. It is not hate to not recognize immoral behavior- it is doing God’s will to preserve the world that He created and sustains.

  5. Hey New Yawkers! Do you have any idea who you voted for? You voted-in the liberal left wing looney socialist Obama. Twice. You voted for and elected lefty-looney Nadler, Schumer, Gilibrand, Cuomo, and now this German Mayor of NY Warren Wilhelm Jr. What? You don’t know whom I’m refering to? Warren Wilhelm Jr. changed his name 3 times and ended up as Bill DeBlasio when he was a junior staffer under then-Mayor David Dinkins. See, you really have no idea who you are voting for.

  6. Do what I did. I called 311 and voiced my protest to what Deblabla is doing. You can also text them a message at 311692.
    Btw, Deblabla did NOT get the majority of the vote during the Democrat primary. Most NY’s voted against him. If you remember, the vote was split amongst Liu, Weiner, Thompson, Quinn, etc… During the runoff, Thompson folded like a cheap camera. So I agree, Deblabla does NOT have a mandate.

  7. This is totally irresponsible, he’s playing into Soro’s evil plans.What does he think protests will do- You leftist anti-israel ,anti-Americans LOST- get over it.


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