For Real: NYC To Offer Free Trump-Induced Stress Therapy


Psychiatrist and Fox News contributor Dr. Keith Ablow reacts to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio offering workers therapy to cope with stress brought on by Donald Trump’s election win.




  1. DeBlasio has really been a disaster for everyday hard working New Yorkers. To think that he can just take our hard earned tax money and waste it on something so frivolous as this, is truly disturbing. We have got to make sure he is a one term Mayor.

  2. This kind of thing on college campuses and now in NYC is no longer funny. This is beyond ridiculous. There are many real problems the mayor could offer therapy for. Chief amongst them is having to see NYC going to the dogs under his leadership.

  3. Did Deblabla have a sit down with Dante and have an open discussion about his true “feelings” and how free physiological help was available? Dante should be made aware that he is not alone in his hate for the President elect. It is perfectly ok to hate an evil bigoted racist WHITE Republican. The thought police have been told to lay off such hatred.


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