For First Time, Terror Balloons Land in Beer Sheva, Deeper into Israel


For the first time, an incendiary “terror balloon” from Gaza landed in the ancient city of Beer Sheva on Monday, raising concerns that terrorists are attempting to cause arson fires deeper inside Israel and in more heavily populated areas.

Police sappers were scrambled to Ringelblum Street in the city, which is considered the capital of the Negev. They closed roads and distanced passersby until the suspicious cluster of balloons was neutralized.

“It was a balloon that had a suspicious object attached to it,” police said in a statement. “In the majority of cases, it connects to an incendiary device, and every object like this must be treated as suspicious with a high-risk capacity.”

Firefighters continued to battle blazes along the Gaza border on Monday that were set by additional balloons and kites.

There were five fires in the Eshkol Regional Council, with another in the Dorot Forest in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council. JNS.ORG


  1. Well Beer sheva too began having a yearly toeiva parade like Tel Aviv,Haifa and Jerusalem. You rebel against the Torah and fire strikes.

  2. R’ Yochanan said: Since the Bais Hamikdash was destroyed, prophecy has been taken from prophets and given to fools and children.
    -Bava Basra 12b

    I take it you’re not a child.

    • Actually one who studies Torah lishmah can reach the level of prophecy, as we all have witnessed by Gedolei Yisrael – chassidic and litvish.


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