Videos: Hundreds in Yerushalayim Protest Autopsy of Baby Who Died in Hotel Jacuzzi


Several hundred people have been protesting in Kikar HaShabbos in Yerushalayim following a decision by the Ashkelon Magistrate’s Court to conduct an autopsy of a baby who drowned in a Jacuzzi in the Miami Hotel in Ashdod on Monday.

Protestors have blocked traffic at various intersections in Yerushalayim, as well as at the light rail, while also fighting with police.

The court had ruled prior to that that the baby’s parents would be arrested for suspected negligence.

The baby’s parents are both being held in police custody as suspects in the case.

The mother told investigators that the baby slipped from her arms while she was bathing him in her hotel room.

{ Israel}


  1. Do you really believe a mother would drown her baby. No way. It’s possible it slipped from her hand. Not enough she lost her baby but now gets arrested and could face jail. This atheistic israeli leadership is run by enemies of Torah. Let’s not forget it. My daughter called me from Jerusalem how the police bought in water spray trucks to destroy the protesters streimels and Yom Tov cloths. They spray smelly water on our fellow Jews. These are the same goons who kicked out 9000 jews from gush Katif. These goons in uniform also are out there allowing toeiva parades in Jerusalem.

  2. I recall in the 1970s as every Jew that died in an israeli hospital was cut to pieces in forced autopsies. Thank you our heroic protesters who are on the front lines fighting jewish attacks. While many of us here in America are on chal hamoed outings or spending their Yom Tov in hotels,our young Jerusalem hero’s are fighting autopsies. We must back them up financially if we can’t be there physically. We need ourselves to come out here and around the world to protest the cutting up of jewish babies. We can not be silent.

  3. what about if the mother is guilty? do you think it’s a one time thing? are their other children at home? if the mothers guilty you want nothing to be done because they wear the same clothes?

  4. We must unite against the atheistic and agnostic secular israeli leadership. We can NOT trust the judges or police who are bent on destroying Orthodox Judaism. It makes no difference if they are dressed up with a yarmulka. It’s whats under the yarmulka. You see some of the police wearing yarmulkas as they beat Yeshiva boys. Too many even in heimish areas are dressed up but are just robotic in their beliefs. We must wake up that by fighting the Torah we stand to face a holocaust.


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