Foot of Snow to Hit Eastern U.S.


iran-snowOver the next several days, a major snowstorm is expected to sweep across the United States, going from Kansas, crossing the Midwest, and hitting the Northeast early next week.

The storm is expected to drop as much as one foot of snow on a region already besieged by difficult weather all winter.

In what has become all too routine, airports in major cities like Chicago, D.C., New York, Boston, and Kansas City could face delays or cancellations.

“In a narrow swath, all or part of the storm will deliver snow that may be difficult to shovel and plow, due to its accumulation and weight,” says AccuWeather’s Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams. Read more at AccuWeather.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Move on already. grow up. Live moves on. Big deal. Why do you keep reporting this garbage in a garbage way as if this has never happened before? Its the Winter and “they” expect snow. Wow, I’ve never heard that before. What is snow? Am I allowed to go to the toilet if its snowing outside? Am I allowed to eat lunch if its “cold” outside? I think you get my point.

  2. To # 2:

    The person writing these snow reports must be living in Beautiful sunny 70 degree Los Angeles.

    What’s a snow shovel?
    Would you like to borrow my gloves and scarf? I never use either on here in sunny California.

    Oh NO! We just had 3 days of heavy rain….I’m melting…….

    How can you fools stay on the east coast to suffer through all that cold and snow???


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