Foot In Mouth? Man Caught On Tape Licking Shoe On NYC Subway


lick-shoe[Video below.] The seemingly unending series of weird and reprehensible antics that’s been caught on tape in the New York City subway system recently has racked up yet another entry.

This time, a man in desperate need of a shoe shine is caught on tape vigorously licking his black shoe clean.

We’re not talking about a slight sticking of a tongue against something. This is more like a tongue-lashing.

The foot-in-mouth incident was apparently taped on the 5 train on Wednesday, May 11.

Click below to watch:

[media id=1152 width=400 height=300]

{CBS News/ Newscenter}


  1. These are our voters, ladies and gentlemen. A sham our democracy’s become. I think we ought to go back to electors chosen by legislatures.

  2. Gosh – give credit where credit is due – the guy knows how to give a good shoe shine!

  3. Why waste our time with this?? WE come here for quick access to important and relevant news… not this irrelevant stupidity.

  4. he seems to get a kick out of it.
    This video clip seems to be fulfilling the MTA commandment of ” ‘report’ing suspicious packages.”


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