Human Animal: Fogel Baby-Stabber is ‘Proud of What I Did’


hadas-fogelAmjad Awad , 18, one of two Arabs who savagely slaughtered five members the Fogel family March 11, said today that he has no regrets for what he did.

“I am proud of what I did and will accept any punishment I receive, because I did it all for Palestine,” he said after his arraignment at a Samaria military court.

Hakim Awad (17) and Amjad Awad of Awarta were formally charged with five counts of intentionally causing death – the military court’s equivalent of murder charges. They were also charged with stealing weapons, breaking and entering and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The charge sheet describes how they entered the Fogel family’s home in Itamar, surprising two children, Yoav (11) and Elad (4). Amjad led Yoav to another room and stabbed him to death there, while Hakim tried to strangle Elad. Amjad then returned and stabbed Elad with the two knives he held in his hands.

They then proceeded to the parents’ bedroom, where a struggle developed. Amjad managed to slash Rabbi Ehud Fogel to death and then stabbed his wife Ruthie in the neck and back. Hakim shot and killed her.

They then heard the three-month old baby girl, Hadas, crying, and stabbed her to death too.
The Military Prosecution has yet to announce whether it will ask for the death sentence for the murderers. Even if it does, the chances that such a sentence will be given and carried out are slim.

The Itamar Yeshiva, where Rabbi Fogel taught, is expanding as a Zionist response to the murders.

Israel has said that murders like the Fogel massacre, while not known to have been directed by a specific terrorist group, are incited by the PA. Despite this it continues to offer territorial concessions to the PA.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.

{Arutz Sheva/ Newscenter}


  1. Uch #3 the Kosel is not an appropriate place for that. Burn him at the entrance to Jenin finger by finget Yemash”v Thanks for not posting pic of this scum of the earth.

  2. This Pereh Adam really DOESN’T care if he ends up dying for his heinous crime!

    The Palestinians have succeeded in raising a generation that is willing to die in order to drive us into the sea.

    The famous badchan R’ Yankel Miller said a vertel that drives home this point.

    He asked: Why did our father Avraham A”H daven “Lu Yishmae-l Yichyeh Lefonecho?” Who knows how much Klal Yisrae-l suffers because of this tefillah of Avraham Avinu! Why did he ask for this?

    Answers R’ Yankel: If someone is afraid of dying, you can get somewhere with him. You can threaten him that if he doesn’t behave, you will kill him. But if he doesn’t care about dying, if he is a suicide bomber, then what can you threaten him with?

    This is what Avraham Avinu was davening for: Let Yishmael WANT to live, so that the Yidden will be able to be deal with him.

    May Hashem have rachmanus on his people, and send us the Geulah Shelaima speedily in our days.

  3. They deserve a slow painful death, like we find by the Yam-Suf some sank like stone, while some were thrown around like straw, etc.

  4. This monster with his accomplices, should together with their wives and kids, be thrown to very hungry lions, and be torn apart, and eaten. Thats probably the only way to bring justice here. And then maybe the Arab population residing in Tzion, will finaly realise that its not worth their while to just behave like the chayis in the zoo. It’s a fact that when the arabs got punished for their crimes, back in the 70’s they didnt dare behave like this, you could walk their streets, and they would shudder in fear. The second they starting getting land, and prizes for their terror, they became more and more ruthless. They are a very imature people, the more you give them the more they take, and well never ever reciprocate! For they never can reciprocate when they have no self respect, and would throw their children in to the streets if it meant getting more PR points.

  5. the only way to stop them is to do what the israeli govt did in the past bury the pera adam with pig
    muslims belive you are not granted access to heaven if you have pig on you.summary hang the terrorists and bury them in pig coffins thell stop wanting to die


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