Flyers On College Campuses Blame Jews For Kavanaugh Allegations


Flyers calling Jews “anti-American” surfaced in at least three UC Davis lecture halls Monday, as seen in multiple social media complaints and confirmed by university administration.

The flyers blame Jewish people for all “anti-white, anti-American, anti-freedom” occurrences. They show several notable political figures, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, with Stars of David on their foreheads at the top of the flyer; at the bottom, recently confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is depicted normally.

Associated Students UC Davis President Michael Gofman. in a Facebook post. called the flyers a “disgusting anti Semitic attack,” promising more in-depth information following an investigation by university administration.

“If any Jewish students are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable on campus today, please reach out and I will connect you with the proper resources,” Gofman wrote.

The flyer has been attributed to a noted neo-Nazi, white supremacist website, The Stormer.


Read more at The Sacramento Bee.




  1. Sadly they’re right. G-dless Jews are much to blame for the fake accusations of Kavanaugh and the decline in the US, Israel, etc. in general. Weren’t George Soros, Feinstein and the mainstream media (who are made up of mainly secular Jews), as well as those still voting Democrats (who also consists of mainly secular Jews) behind it all?

    • YES, like the saying goes ‘The Trotskys bring the churen af on yidden,and the Berensteins suffer’ meaning the secular anti torah , reform etc cause the gentile world to hate us and thier wrath is on the frum yidden (too)
      A yid from germany,many years ago, said that an aryan told him ‘the frum jew dont bother me what bothers me is when i come into the theater and the prime balcony seats are taken up by the JEW’ (meanig assimilated)


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