Floods Swamp England


england-riverThe Thames river has burst its bank, flooding homes along the way as England and Wales are hit by a major storm. Hurricane force winds which could be up to 100 mph have shut the Clifton Suspension Bridge for the first time in its 150-year-history.

There has been a bit of confusion at the top however, as Prime Minister David Cameron initially declared that money is “no object” when it comes to the aftermath of the flood, while his own Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has backtracked that, saying there is no “blank cheque” for flooding relief. And while the floods have threatened Windsor Castle, the Queen is reportedly safe, as she is in an, um, castle. Read more at The Telegraph.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. This past summer, the UK gave the green light to ‘toeivah’ marriage, and it is scheduled to go into effect there in the coming months.

    So they now they have their mabul.

    How foolish of them to rebel against G-d Almighty in such a way. Now they are paying a heavy price.

    They can still repent and cancel it.

    P.S. Similar scenarios are playing out elsewhere. New York allowed it. So then they got hit by Superstorm Sandy over a year ago. But they didn’t repeal it. So now they are getting hit by a very severe winter, very cold and much snow. Ditto with Maryland and elsewhere. The Federal government in the USA, based in Washington, DC, under Pres. Barack Hussein Obama has come out strongly for legitimizing toeivah ‘marriage’. So Washington, DC is hard hit by storms.

    California instituted toeivah ‘marriage’ and now they have a terrible drought.

    Will they ever learn? It doesn’t pay to start up with Hashem, Almighty G-d.

    David Cameron (UK PM), Andrew Cuomo (NY Gov.), Martin O’Malley (MD Gov.), Barack Hussein Obama (USA Pres.) , Jerry Brown (Gov. CA), etc. – wake up and repent before you pay an even heavier price from above.

  2. I am amazed at how many geniuses understand how HKBH works. Since you can explain HKBH actions, maybe you can explain why 1 million babies were killed in WW11, and why 6 million Yidden were allowed to be murdered?
    While you are at it explain the Chelminicki Massacres, many years before Reform, Haskala, Secularism.
    Sorry, we are not smart enough to attempt to understand how and why HKBH works, we are only human and please stop trying to understanad something that you cannot


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