Flatbush: Employees Stage Protest At NY Community Hospital


Employees at the NY Community Hospital, located in Avenue O and East 26 Street in Flatbush, staged a protest on Tuesday to demand higher pay.

The protesters threaten they will go on an all out strike if they don’t get a raise.


  1. Good. Good riddance. Get lost. That has to be one of the worst backwards incompetent hospitals. Any trip to the so-called emergency room, is a guaranteed 8 hour wait, even if no one else is waiting. Total wicked people. Thay should really close the the darn hospital down. Even Paul Kimball in Lakewood was better.
    Beth Israel, a few blocks away, is a much better hospital.

  2. A very disturbing article reported in Arutz Sheva today

    Hasidic volunteers kicked out of a major NY hospital
    ‘Bikur Cholim’ Hasidic visitation group says NYU trying to hide changes to ‘end of life’ care by booting visitors to hospital.
    NYU-Langone Hospital in Manhattan, the volunteers are no longer welcome. The hospital now bans all non-family-members and friends from patient floors.

    Greiner said that the policy isn’t specific to Satmar Bikur Cholim, though members of the group insist it is. They say that the NYU health system’s approach to end-of-life care has changed and conflicts with the Orthodox Jewish approach to issues surrounding ending life support and administering palliative care — and the hospital doesn’t want observers witnessing decisions that to Orthodox eyes may fall short of extending life by any means available.

    Satmar Bikur Cholim supporters are now urging Jews to steer clear of the hospital and are threatening to start a formal boycott, said the Bikur Cholim director, who did not want to be named.

    The hospital today is “almost like a legal killing machine,” she said. Since its founding in 1952 Satmar Bikur Cholim has refused to speak with media outside of the haredi Orthodox community. They consider the current conflict such a crisis that now they are willing to, she said.

    Over the three-day holiday that included Shabbat and Shavuot this week, circulars widely distributed in Brooklyn Orthodox neighborhoods warned that Jewish patients would be risking their lives by going to NYU-Langone. The main NYU-Langone hospital is located on Manhattan’s East Side and is a quick drive from haredi neighborhoods like Williamsburg, the headquarters of the Satmar community.

    “Our patients are in danger when they go there,” said the Satmar Bikur Cholim director.

  3. Were any lives put in danger because of this walkout? Did any patients lack care or supervision during this walkout? I don’t get it.


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