Flashback Video: What Did Bill Clinton and Barack Obama Say About Border Security?



  1. it’s not the Border that they worry and are against – THEY ARE JUST AGAINST ANYTHING PRESIDENT TRUMP DOES because he’s doing or trying to do the right thing.

    WHATEVER TRUMP DOES they will go against him – they’re just NOT AMERICANS

  2. AWESOME. Thank you. This gave me my best laugh of the day. Today’s Democrats are mamish a buncha meshugoyim. The Aibishter is doing it again. Vayechezak es Layv Nancy, Layv Chuck, Layv……..

    Thank you Matzav. This was GREAT!!!!

  3. good stuff let the left move FAR left so the republican party can have a bright future with all the normal people. Also the more they make an issue out of this the more trumps reelection will be secured because by hook or by crook he will get his wall


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