Flashback Video: Obama Says “I Have a Six Pack Before Class”



  1. In short, what you’re saying is that the American people – or rather the CIA – elected you SOLELY because of your color – in other words, a racist election. Had you been white, you’d had no chance in the world as a lowlife without any qualification to be a candidate, let alone president.

    And by the way, with an IQ as low as yours you didn’t have to study too much to keep your grades up, huh???

  2. Cowering liberal manner extremist.

    He pushes people around and wonders why he had so many fights. This is a man of hate bigotry naming and labeling any new action.

    We do not push to mock, jews are pushy because someone is too slow. Liberal Obama pushes to topple the anxious dreamer. He is a war in his hitch of poor luck.

    You are my sunshine. You make me happy when the little ones are not fighting. They may ever stop. They are little.

    • You are an evil racist and should be charged with a hate crime. You’re only saying such hateful things against our first African-American President because he’s black.


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