Flashback Audio: Radio Caller Questions R’ Shlomo Carelbach z”l About His Kiruv Approach




  1. Wow, that is an old recording. I would guess it is from more than thirty years ago.

    At that time, Spivak & Brenner co-hosted their radio program and it was called “Nightrap”. Later on, they broke up and Brenner went out on his own. The name he adopted was Talkline.

  2. Very sad. His approach presupposed that Hashem needs our help. Kind of like those who are dishonest and then contribute the money to tzedaka. Hashem has infinite resources and infinite power and if His will, as expressed through the Torah, as taught by the leaders and giants of klal yisroel through the centuries (and every frum Jew believes that this is how he expresses his will) is that we should not use methods that are against the Torah, then either these people will remain unabservant if that is His will, or he will cause them to return via a legitimate channel.

    We believe that Hashem can and will cause all of klal yisroel to do teshuva when the time known to him comes as the navi says “viheishiv lev avos al bonim” and as chazal tell us Hashem will cause a leader akin to Haman to arise to stir klal yisroel to teshuva. Until such time we must do our utmost to bring klal yisroel back to Hashem using legitimate means at our disposal.

    I think that Shlomo’s great heart and unbelievable feeling for these people led him to forget the words of the wisest of men: “Al tehi tzaddik harbeh”

    • “Hashem needs our help”! Rachmana litzlan!!!
      Exactly what I’ve been saying regarding regarding the shidduch crises – age gap hoax! These age-gap conspirators claim that it’s gotten so bad, that even HKBH can’t help anymore and WE have to step in and bail out the Aibishter r”l!!! You must get married at (by the latest) 21 or Hashem says, I’m out of here. Crazy people.

  3. Interesting. Who was the host? It sounds like Rabbi Yaakov Spivak. What year was this interview conducted?

  4. I remember years ago, I think the early 90’s, I went to a purim party with a friend on the Upper West Side. Rabbi Carlbach was performing with a band. At that time, I was single and just became observant. While I was listening to R’Shlomo sing, I was shocked when a well-known woman politician came into the room, and R’Shlomo got off the stage to greet her and gave her a hug. I felt so uncomfortable being there, I left immediately after.

  5. Interesting twisted approach. But can’t deny he made many youngsters male and female to do mitzvos. That’s for sure

  6. There is a beautiful story in People’s Speak 8 how Reb Shloimeleh did Teshuva the last day of his life. To post this is pure pure pure Lashon Hara.

  7. what this caller was saying brings back vivid memories when i was a teenager in the late 50s and into the 60s. at that time shlomo carlebach was very much on the scene doing kiruv work. i remember distinctly that the general opinion of the “black hat” (that term did not even exist in those days!) rosh yeshivas was that shlomo carlebach was NOT behaving “kehalacha” and the general consensus in the yeshiva world was that he was deciding on his own without asking daas Torah to behave in an improper manner towards his physical contact with women. i’m not denying that most of his music is sung all over. but now that he’s no longer with us, his past tends to get forgotten.

  8. My aunt became a baalas yeshiva in the 1980s, and on more than one occasion she has referenced a concert with shlomo carlebach in San Francisco as having played a huge role in her returning to yiddishkeit. Not taking sides here, just saying.

  9. a quote from rabbi nissan klaphan shilta ” that reb shach said hasham didnt need your kiruv!!!! if you broke halachah”

  10. Why post this? His mishpat for this is over and there’s no toeles! I’m sure you’ve done plenty of things that you don’t want broadcast when you’re in the next world!

  11. The appropriate response to R’ Shlomo would be: Hard to believe that you couldn’t accomplish the same kiruv results (and probably more) without getting physical…

  12. a short while ago i heard that Rav Moshe (Feinstein) Zt’l has a teshuva published on whether, in spite of shlomo carlebach’s indescretions, may one listen to his music? Rav Moshe’s opinion is that it is permitted, notwithstanding the singer’s past behavior.

  13. Caller could not articulate what shlomo did wrong
    and shlomo could not explain why he needed to break halacha , are there not other ways to save jews?

    theres many other kiruv ways

  14. The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZT”L was very makbid NOT to shake a ladies hand and he made that very clear to his Shiluchim.

  15. I had a rebbe in high school that said when Moshiach comes the gedolim will have a big meeting with him and discuss all the tekus in the gamara then they will clear up all the tzarich iyuns and once they get all that out of the way the first question will be “Whats the deal with Shlomo Carlebach”


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