FJCC Leaders Meet Officials To Resolve Nostrand Ave. Security


The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition held a meeting with School and Police officials to address ongoing community safety concerns on Nostrand Ave. Many community residents, business owners and pedestrians have complained of safety issues during school dismissal at Andries Hudde Junior High School located on Nostrand Avenue between Ave. K and Ave. L. The meeting resulted in school officials pledging to address the communities concerns by staggering dismissals, thereby not having almost 1,000 students overwhelm the sidewalks and streets, educating the students to respect the neighborhood and private property, and having community Rabbis and leaders address the students, as well as the two police precincts increasing their presence.

There are six shuls within one block of the school, with the largest shul in the neighborhood, Agudath Israel Bais Binyomin, as a direct neighbor on Nostrand Ave. and Ave. L. The Rov, Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff attended the meeting and presented practical solutions and advice. Josh Mehlman, FJCC Chairman, noted the positive tone at the meeting and thanked the schools principal, Gina Votinelli for hosting with a sprit of cooperation.  Attending the meeting was Councilman Jumaane Williams, NYPD 63 and 70 precincts youth and school safety officers, Rafi Treitel, Flatbush Hatzoloh/NYPD liaison; Boruch Moskovitz, Flatbush Shomrim Director; Yitzchok Farkas, President of the Agudah shul; and attorneys Jeff Mehl and Marc Herskowitz.

It is of great importance that all crimes and mischief be reported to 911 or the local police precincts directly, and a police report requested, as well as calling Flatbush Shomrim at 718-338-9797. The only way criminal statistics are properly recorded are through reported and documented police reports. This will lead to more police resources assigned to these areas. An email detailing incidents reported can be sent to [email protected] so our volunteers can monitor the response. The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC, unites and represents the greater Flatbush Jewish community, New York’s largest, on communal, civic and political concerns. More information is available at




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