Fixing US Bridges Will Take 80 Years If Current Rate Of Progress Continues


A new report from the American Road and Transportation Builders Association said it will take 80 years to fix structurally deficient bridges if repairs continue at their current pace.

Of 616,087 bridges across the country, 47,052, nearly 8 percent, are “structurally deficient” and in urgent need of repair, according to the group, which advocates for transportation infrastructure investment. More than 235,000 bridges, or nearly 50 percent, need some form of repair.

The report found Americans cross structurally deficient bridges 178 million times daily, many of them major landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Memorial Bridge connecting the Lincoln Memorial with Arlington, Va., and the Robert S. Maestri Bridge over Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. Nah, who needs infrastructure. We only need ridiculous pensions for city officials.
    In NYC, 11% of the entire budget goes for city pensions.
    Can you imagine the billions that the USA would have if they properly managed their budgets?


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