First Visit by Israeli Minister to Republic of Ghana


ghanaBy Aryeh Savir

Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir is the first Israeli minister to visit the West African Republic of Ghana since the establishment of an Israeli embassy there in 2011. Minister Shamir is heading an agriculture-business mission comprised of 12 leading Israeli companies in the agricultural industry who currently touring the country in search of commerce ventures.

The Republic of Ghana has recently been experiencing an economic crisis, but still enjoys a strengthening regional status and a growth rate of 7.5%. Ghana’s natural resources, especially its oil and gold, draw to it vast private and national investments, including from China, India and Brazil. Minister Shamir stated that: “With foreseen growing income from oil, gas and cocoa, now is a good opportunity for Israeli companies to enjoy the business options in Ghana.”

Israel and the Republic of Ghana enjoy a long history of military, economical and agricultural cooperation. Ghana was the first African country to recognize Israel, and Israeli pilots helped establish Ghana’s air force. Israeli experience and knowledge was used to establish water systems and infrastructure in Ghana, its merchant marine and more. Ghana has an active trade community of some 200 members, and Israeli investments in the country are estimated at $400 million.

Israeli instructors are in Ghana now helping to develop the citrus fruit industry, in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of agriculture.

Tazpit News Agency

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