First Shul Approved By Jackson Planning Board


The Jackson Planning board voted today to approve the first Orthodox shul in the township.

The new Royal Grove shul for the Vien Kehila in Jackson will be built on a 3.75 acre lot on East Veterans Highway near Grand Boulevard off of Whitesville Rd next to the Jackson Police Dept.

The shul will be able to hold up to 300 people.

{via Hefkervelt}



  1. Beautiful
    We are going to need more areas for Yeshiva people in light of the draft by the israeli government,many yeshiva Leit will have to come here to escape the evil decree. G-d is preparing Jackson in advance.

  2. Jackson is the hottest market now. I know lots of people who bought there. The good part is Jackson is very big and that can bring in thousands of families. Buy now.

  3. My son bought a corner house in Jackson for 360 thousand dollars with two car garage,back yard and deck,4 bedrooms,two bathrooms,dining room,living room,play room kitchen. Big front lawn. Cheap real estate tax. What could he get in bp for that money. A half a condo. Hi


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