First Republican Calls For FBI To Investigate Kavanaugh


Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) became the first Republican lawmaker in Congress to call for an FBI investigation into allegations by three women that President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, assaulted or harassed them decades ago.

“I think there should be an investigation by the FBI. I really do,” Jones told The Hill in a brief interview in the Capitol. “What in the world difference would 10 days make? Why not wait 10 days, why not wait two weeks to find out the truth?”

Such an investigation could exonerate and “help Kavanaugh,” argued Jones, who has sometimes clashed with Trump.

Asked if he thought the three women accusing Kavauagh were credible, Jones replied: “I don’t know enough information to say that. But they should be given the benefit of the doubt.”

Read more at The Hill.



    • Why first? First investigate Kavanaugh, because this is the issue that is time sensitive, and then they can investigate everyone else.

  1. A RINO (Republican In Name Only) and a fool. Even if their allegations were true, although they are not, it happened nearly 40 years ago. They were kids then. How can anyone in his right mind besides a Democrat, even lend any credence to the claims. Clearly they were made to besmirch the man’s reputation just as they’ve done to Thomas and Borck before him. They hadn’t a concern when Juanita Broderick and Catherine Willie came forward about their Billy boy Clinton and they were far more relevant and current at the time. Lewinsky scandal was in the Oval office and not a word. They’re Democrats.

    • You may have a credible response, if you were not to say “even if their allegations were true.” If you have a small doubt that it is true, that makes Kavanaugh a liar. Why would you want a liar on the Supreme Court? If it is completely false, let the investigation exonerate his name. Sounds like you care less about him, and would rather him have a cloud of accusations on him his whole life, the the Deomcrats!

  2. Investigate Kavanuagh??? Investigate the Democrats who are paying these perverts to make up the lies. Everyday now until his nomination another 2 women will pop. Anyone believe this?

  3. Kudos haven’t heard a single call to go after the Clinton crime fAmily amazing haven’t heard anything about their “ charitable foundation “ since the election

  4. Anyone notice that the democrats never are asked to investigate lib crimes and would never suggest it but republicans are always doing it to themselves

  5. I am extremely heartened to see the many superb comments here that call attention to the glaringly obvious fiendish double-standard absolute hypocrisy in the abuse being heaped upon Mr. Kavanaugh and state that, of course, it is King Obama and King William (Clinton) and Queen Hillary and countless other severely wicked Democrats WHO ARE THE ONES who need to be “investigated”!!!!!!!!!!!!


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