First Lee Now Columbus: San Jose Organizers Push To Remove Statue From City Hall

Statue of Christopher Columbus, at the corner of Elmwood Ave and Reservoir Ave, Providence, RI. This statue is on the National Register of Historic Places.

A battle is brewing inside San Jose City Hall to remove a statue some say represents violence and genocide. The San Jose Brown Berets last week launched a petition to remove the Christopher Columbus statue from the City Hall lobby, its home since the East Santa Clara Street building opened in 2005.

Columbus, who had set out to establish a western trade route to Asia, has been celebrated as the first European explorer to introduce Europe to the Americas. But he has drawn criticism for his harsh treatment and enslavement of indigenous people.

More than 1,500 people appear to have signed the online petition to relocate the statue “to a placement that better suits the community.” Read more here.












    • Well said. This is only the beginning. No doubt Jews will be their next target. They wouldn’t dare go after blacks as they’d be regarded as racists (as if they’re not), neither would they go after Muslims because they’d be dead the next moment, so Jews will be the next victim of these violent animals paid by the Nazi collaborator George Soros.

  1. George Washington had slaves. We should change the name of the state, capital and all other things named after him. Change the one dollar bill. What a shame to teach the youth about our first president while he was a slave owner! Jefferson too. Obama should take his place in history to credit him in bringing up the issue.

  2. While all the sentiments are correct,we should keep off of this subject.
    Let the country struggle, without our involvement

  3. Honor Columbus. He is an example of the man of his era. Look how far liberal thought has brought us. He did not know the days strong were not even his era!

    Just a test of the human citizen. Does he want every war?

    Indigenous people day is just a time to take a shower. Try to smell better.

    It gets better. Just not Trump.

    Cash in.


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