First Kosher Restaurant In Portugal


An Israeli father and son team, Shlomi and Nativ Dadon, have opened Portugal’s first exclusively kosher restaurant, the Felafel Ball, in the country’s second largest city, Porto, Arutz Sheva reported. Portugal exiled its Jews its 1497. It is presently home to about ten thousand Jews.

Located 2,000 feet from the local Mekor Chaim Shul, which serves the town’s 250 Jews, the pareve eatery will be supervised by a local rov, Rav Doniel Litvak.

Until now, Jews ate at Hotel da Música’s restaurant, which is has a kosher section on one of its floors.



  1. High time. My town of 2000 jews in existence for over 100 years still has no kosher restaurants or mikveh. High time any community learns only 250 jews have one now in Portugal. They want to maintain their humor and survive.

    Our reform friends will shudder when the worst restaurants shut down. There is no support for kosher and the gentiles are being taught that the religious jews are hard-cabin minds just looking for special nags. Pretty bad. More can be js jews just kept laws.

    Safer futures are never the conservative and reform hives in any location. They buzz constantly and there is no mind.

    What an experience.

  2. Is there a mashgiach tamidi? Does the Rabbi live in Porto or is he in Israel and comes to visit? Who gives the hasgacha on the hotel?


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