Fire Tears Through South Fallsburg Home: You Can Help


On Monday, a devastating fire broke out in the town of South Fallsburg, NY, totally destroying the home of the S. family.

While boruch Hashem the family managed to get out in time, they did so with literally just their shirt on their backs, unable to save any of their possessions.

Mr S. works hard laboring all day to support his wife and 3 kids. While one family member has a debilitating medical condition Mr S. continues working in order to support them and cover the astronomical medical expenses.

The fire which destroyed all their possessions is the straw that’s threatening to destroy his family’s back!  It’s our duty to come to their aid and ensure they don’t fall off the financial cliff by this financial and  emotional destabilizing event!

With your compassionate help we can raise enough money to help them replace their possessions and buy new clothing, shoes and other basic necessities, so that they can get back on their feet and face the challenges which they are unfortunately faced with.

Please open your hearts to their desperate plight by clicking HERE.

Donations can also be made via phone or check:

Congregation Anshei Fallsburg

Fire campaign

PO BOX 301

Fallsburg, NY 12733




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