Fire Destroys Feller’s Pizzeria in Woodridge


woodridge-pizza-fireA large fire this afternoon thoroughly destroyed the Woodridge, NY, pizza store owned and operated by R’ Shragie and Frumie Feller and family.

The structure of Feller’s Woodridge Pizza Cafe & Fish Grill, located at 9 Broadway at the corner of Greenfield Road in the heart of the town of Woodridge, collapsed as firefighters from surrounding towns, including Woodbourne and Mountaindale, joined in battling the blaze.

The smoke that billowed to the sky this afternoon was so heavy that it could be seen several miles away.

fellers-pizzaFire officials have not yet revealed the cause of the fire.

The Fellers are residents of the Village Park neighborhood in Lakewood, NJ. Mrs. Feller is a daughter of noted askan, R’ Ronnie Cagan.

R’ Shragie Feller is also the proprieter of other establishments in the Catskills, including Sprinkles in Fallsburg.

According to reports, despite the size and intensity of the fire, there have been no injuries, boruch Hashem.

According to reports, due to the fire, electricity and water in nearby areas has been temporarily cut, with utility compnaies working to restore services as soon as possible.

{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. What an awful incident! I was just there in Woodridge on Erev shabbos. WHo would have believed? A Yid’s parnassah goes up in smoke just like that. nebach.

  2. Do the Feller’s still
    own Feller’s Judaica
    in Manhattan? We used
    to get stuff from there
    all the time.

  3. B”H no injured
    but hope they can get the store back on there feet
    hoep the town will help them rebuild
    summer is when the storess make their business
    terriblke time for this to happen
    and the fire depts. upstae dont have as much experienced
    with the fires

  4. We will bedavka patronize Shargi’s other stores and will get other camps to do so. Shargi we want to help you anyway we can.
    Everyone, be there for your fellow Yid, a sweet baal chessed from a family of baalei chessed. And Mrs. Feller the same – a baalas chesed from a family of baalie chessed.
    A great famil overall that will get through this with flying colors.

  5. I was there when the firemen were hosing it down and it didn’t help. the smoke was so thick it was unbelievebale.

  6. #5 is right. The Upstate fire departments have very little experience or clue. I mean, can you compare them to the NYFD? A kitchen fire is the highlight of their year. This was like 9/11 for them.

  7. #5 you are mistaken. I am a member of the fire department in Fallsburg and we do have experience. Becareful what you write, you can ruin for the religious jews who live here all year round. Where’s gratitude?

  8. mr feller is the nicest person i think we should help him set up a trailor pizzeria in woodridge to help him with his buisness until he can rebuild

  9. #5 and #13 – It is terrible of you to dismiss the local fire departments as “inexperienced” and disparage them as you did. These individuals are volunteers who sacrifice their time and safety to help others – including the “city slicker” individuals like you who benefit from their protection but are unfortunately so quick to criticize them. How dare you!

  10. Number 14, excuse me but IM a firefighter from there as well and actualy we never dealt with a fire of this magnitude before. shame on you !

  11. It might be true that this a fire that the fire dept will be talking about for a long time, however they do have alot of skills as they often burn down old structures as a way to demolish a building and i personally know a few of the firefighters and they are skilled people. Before we start a collection maybe hopefully shragi had ins. I ate there erev shabbos pretty good for a parve cholent

  12. Why bash firefighters? Have you ever battled blazes? What are yor credentials for judging the firefighters performance? It must be because you have years of firefighting experience and have been promoted to a senior position.
    I dont know too many people who give up their sundays to stand in a heavy coat for hours on end in 95 degree weather. Kudos to all the men and women of all fire departments.
    you are more brave than most of us would ever dare be.

  13. Kudos to Comment #24. Comments like #5 and #13 are incredibly ignorant. Take responsibility for your comments and maybe try practicing some safety in your establishments. That may cut down on the need to dispatch those “clueless” upstate fire companies. And one more thing…do not compare this (or anything else) to September 11, 2001. You are a horrible person to try and create any parallel between the two. Bad job….

  14. With all due respect to #5 and #13, you will never have the guts to enter a burning building to save a complete stranger. How dare you criticize the local fireman who is willing to risk his life to save ours. These men are volunteers with families of their own to take care of. Please have some respect for their bravery and courage.

  15. Six firefighters were injured yesterday fighting the fire. How dare any of you make any negative comments about the ability of the firefighters. They are volunteers and have put their lives on the line to battle the blaze and save others. I’ve lived here for many years and my family has been in the fire dept. The firefighters get as much training here as any other fire depts. They are brave , selfless men and women who give up their time to help others.


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