Fined For Excluding Non-Orthodox


Israel’s Council for Cable TV and Satellite Broadcasting fined the Channel 20 TV channel $28,000 for “excluding Reform and Conservative movements of Judaism” in its broadcasts and violating the terms of its license. The channel was also ordered to present a monthly report of its programs. Channel 20 is aimed at a traditional, religious audience.

Council chairman Yifat Ben-Chay Segev wrote in her decision that “The Council’s decisions explicitly state that the Council will strictly insist on the channel’s compliance with the existing directives, which include giving voice to a variety of public opinions and streams. Therefore, the exclusion or boycotting of various groups from the channel’s broadcasts is a violation of the license’s provisions.”

Media personality Shimon Riklin tweeted in response to the decision that “according to this logic, the other channels should be fined a billion shekels for excluding the right and the religious for decades.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. but it’s ok for the reform and conservative to insist on doing things which will necessitate excluding chareidim. and the ridiculous p-art of it all is that these people have no real interest in any religious aspect of judaism. their prayer books have eliminated most of what is sacred to bnai yisroel. they are the perfect definition of hypocrites

  2. “excluding Reform and Conservative movements of Judaism”…………….
    …… Reform and Conservative movements are not part of Judaism.


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