Finally: Israel to Withhold Bodies of Hamas Terrorists


Israel has announced a new policy for dealing with Hamas terrorists, saying the bodies of terrorist killed in clashes will be buried rather than returned.

“The security cabinet discussed ways to effect the return of fallen soldiers and of civilians held in the Gaza Strip … and decided that (the bodies of terrorists) should be buried, rather than returned,” a statement from the security cabinet said.

The new policy is aimed at gaining leverage over the terror group in a bid to get the terrorists to hand over missing civilians and the bodies of killed soldiers. Hamas says it is currently holding two Israeli soldiers who were declared dead after going missing in 2014. In addition, the terror group says it has the bodies of two Israeli civilians.

Israel has previously returned terrorists’ bodies, having given back for burial 102 bodies in 2016, the Israeli army said. Now, however, the bodies will immediately be buried and exhumed later only if Hamas militants are willing to make concessions. Read more.

{ Israel}


  1. Declare the terrorists’ bodies property of the state. Then feed the Hamas terrorists’ bodies to pigs. This is not just a type of mean revenge, but a powerful deterrent – no dedicated islamonazi would risk involvement with the islamonazi inspired terrorism if it may result in a violation of the islamonazi pig taboo. Don’t expect the judenrat to adopt any of hundreds of the possible truly effective antiterrorism measures though – the judenrat are the real problem: even if there were no Arabs, the judenrat would have imported some other Jew hating group.


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