Finally: Israel Deducts Palestinian Debts from Transferred PA Tax Revenues


palestiniansIsrael deducted some $55 million from monthly tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, a senior Palestinian official said this week. He said Israel took $25 million to cover unpaid debts of a Palestinian electricity company, $25 million to cover other PA debts, and the remainder to cover the cost of Palestinian patients referred to Israeli hospitals by the PA.

The deduction will further jeopardize the PA’s ability to pay civil servant salaries in Gaza, since the $106 million transferred by Israel will only cover 40% of the monthly wages for PA civil servants in the West Bank.

{ Israel}


  1. Oh those poor, poor murderers. If they would only pay their bills on a monthly basis – this wouldn’t happen.
    Gee just like me. I pay my electric, gas, & water bills monthly. Otherwise the debt just grows & when they catch up to me I’m in trouble.

  2. Imagine that. Expecting the Palestinians to pay for services rendered. What a racist, genocidal, obscene act on the part of the Israelis! Of course had they paid anything on their own volition, perhaps this wouldn’t have been necessary….


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