Final Hours Before Sold-Out “The Event” Show, Lipa Says ‘Thank You’

9 just spoke to Lipa Shmelczer as he makes final preparations for “The Event” this evening, a musical performance that he tells us will be a true kiddush Hashem. “At this time, I’d like to thank all the many people who have been there for me to this point,” he told “I am eternally grateful to those who have provided chizuk to me. I am certainly makir tov to the rabbonim haga’onim who have given me chizuk and guidance and have supported me. They are an inspiration to continue utilizing music to bring kavod to the Ribono Shel Olam.

Excitement is building at the WaMu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City and a reporter is on the scene taking it all in.

“We have a sold-out show, with every seat filled,” Lipa says, “and the entire cast is so, so excited to greet the thousands of Yidden who will be coming in just a few hours.

“We hope people keep the scalping to a minimum,” says Lipa with a chuckle. “On a serious note,” he added, “we ask everyone to please come on time so that we can start promptly. Dedi will be there, Eli Gerstner and the Pirchei Choir will be there, Yisroel Lamm will be there, but we need all of you to be there so that we can begin at 7:30 sharp. Hope to see you soon!”

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. I am sorry but a Kiddush Hashem is defined sanctifying Hashem’s name.Please don’t undermine what a kiddush Hashem truly is. It minimizes it. While there is nothing wrong with getting together for some Kosher entertainment, I would certainly not classify it as a Kiddush Hasem.

  2. That people are going to a show that is tzniusdik, has kosher music, and kosher entertainment, it certainly is a kiddush Hashem. Of course, if you are inclined to be learning, mah tov u’mah noim, but for those who need this as an outlet and they are not compromising on standards, what could be better for them? And with all the tumult that has surrounded this topic, this event seemed to go very smoothly. With the coordinators adhering to the guidelines of our Rabbonim, that is the biggest Kiddush Hashem! Ashreinu mah tov chelkeinu.

  3. b”h the organizers were careful that there shouldn;t be pritzus of other problems i wonder if the matzav is that this is where klal yisroel is holding if we can call this a kidush hashem or nebach a chilul hashem? the siyum hashas or a tisch with gedolei yisroel is what is a kidush hashem.maybe don’t get so carried away.


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