Fighting For Dropouts’ Souls in Israel


Haaretz has complained that Israel’s Social Affairs Ministry provides about 30.5 million shekels to 21 chareidi groups working to keep disaffected youths within the fold, breaking down to 5,026 shekels per individual, but only gives two million shekels to the Hillel organization, which is helping 35 former chareidi youths draw further away from their heritage. This works out to only 3,750 shekels per each of Hillel’s clients.

The ministry offered Hillel 1.5 million additional shekels conditional on Hillel raising half its total budget, but Hillel failed to reach the necessary threshold.

According to a report from Out for Change, an association that is helping fifty ex-chareidim sue the state for not providing them with a secular core curriculum, ten percent of people in their early twenties (1,300 people) left chareidi society between 2007 and 2012. Hillel claims that the number of people it helps rose from 258 in 2011 to 1,057 this yearץ

{ Israel News}


  1. Just stop funding Jewish education. It would solve the problem. Hillel (I don’t like the name), with no money could bring thousands of beautiful Jewish souls to the precipice of hell. Then the secular society would be happy. And most important, things would be fair.
    What is wrong with us? HaShem Yair aynaynu. Please.


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