Fifth Round Of Sirens Rings Near Gaza Border After Rocket Launched At Israel


A fifth round of sirens rang near the Gaza border overnight triggered by yet another rocket intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

This is the third time in less than 24 hours that the Iron Dome intercepts rockets launched from the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Air Force (IAF) struck ten Hamas targets earlier on Saturday after two rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, with one intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system and the other falling short of the border.

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  1. The IDF is very weak at this point. How many more empty fields can they bomb? They’ve already used them all up. Bibi is petrified of the BBC and NPR. He wants to be loved by the world and their media. If he capitulates and puts innocent Israeli lives in danger, the world will just love him to pieces.

    • The IDF is not weak, it is the strongest army in the wold. The weak ones are the Israeli politicians who give the orders. I have been told by a senior IDF officer that in one of the Lebanon wars, the IDF was ready to go to Beirut and vicotry, bit the politicians told them to stop.

      The State of Israel has to realize that no matter what it does, it will be subject to international condemnation. So, it should do whatever it needs to do, including wiping out Hamas to the last creature, and let the world scream.


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