Fidler Releases Visionary Plan To Help Yeshiva Parents


lew-fidlerCouncilman Lew Fidler has released a comprehensive plan that would help yeshiva parents deal with the ever-growing cost of tuition. Dubbed “Fidler’s 5 Point Plan to help Yeshiva parents,” Fidler’s proposal for state relief calls for:

1. Providing Tuition Tax Credits to reimburse parents up to $5,000 in tuition per yeshiva student.

2. Providing State funding for security cameras around all yeshivas.

3. Increasing funding for Priority 5 after-school vouchers so that all eligible children can receive them.

4. Giving parents vouchers to choose their own transportation options to accommodate the hectic schedules of our community’s families.

5. Forcing the State to reimburse private schools the $350 million already owed for mandated services-funds that would go directly to yeshivas and will ease the burden on tuition-paying parents.

“My plan is bold, yet doable,” said Councilman Fidler. “I firmly believe that every child has the right to a superb education in a safe and healthy environment. Our community’s yeshiva parents, who contribute greatly to the tax base that pays for education, are entitled to receive help that the State can lawfully provide so their children can receive the quality education they deserve.” Fidler’s plan was mailed to community residents last week.

Fidler’s proposal builds on his work during the last ten years as a New York City Councilman. Fidler was widely hailed as a leading force in restoring $25 million dollars for after-school vouchers for yeshiva parents, after they were cut by the Mayor last year. Fidler also co-sponsored a law that was passed requiring the City to pay for nursing staff for yeshivas. Fidler is also currently co-sponsoring legislation that would require the NYPD to provide security for yeshivas.

“I proved in the New York City Council that the City can be responsive to the needs of yeshiva parents. In Albany, I will have an even greater opportunity to deliver for yeshiva parents because that’s where much of the government funding for education comes from,” explained Councilman Fidler. “For years, candidates have promised to deliver for yeshivas, but I have actually done so. I will take my proven track record of delivering for yeshivas to Albany where the big battles for yeshiva education are being fought. By working together, we will bring government resources to make it easier for yeshiva parents to pay tuition and guarantee the success of their children.”

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Very nice. They all say that when they are running for office! $5000 tuition tax credit per child? It’s not the law & it will never be the law! This idea has been regurgitated thousands of times! Albany is so corrupt it will never happen! This is just a typical unrealistic campaign lie!


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