Female With Knife To London Kids: “I Want To Kill All You Jews”


Shomrim in London alerted police today to a female who was running after children with a knife, shouting, “I want to kill all you Jews.”

Children fled in fright on Gladesmore Road in the Haringey area, where the suspect was finally tracked down and apprehended.

The would-be attacker remains in police custody.

The knife-wielder’s nationality was not immediately released. Her motive was not confirmed by authorities.




  1. Londoneers why do you stay? These attacks will always be there. Move to Israel and soon we will have a King (and Queen). Take the tube for the last time England offers you nothing.

  2. Why do brits make the police car look like a clown car? If Europeans are artistic , can’t they make the police car look intimidating?

  3. #1 oh and in israel all is safe and sound there. I’ll move when Moshiach comes. Until then Jews are not safe anywhere

  4. Shocking? Who dared report this? Tommy Robinson got a 13 months jail sentence in a 77% Muslims jail for reporting Muslim atrocities. You didn’t hear about it, right? That’s because England censored this news and so did all fake news in the US. We only know about it because of the ongoing protests worldwide, including several cities in the UK, Germany, Australia, US, etc.

  5. This islamonazi attacker will get 3 months in jail, and will be back on the streets in no time. Why didn’t Shomrim break every bone in the attempted murderer’s body before the police came? That is the only way to prevent future attacks. Jews in Britain better stop relying on government to protect them.


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