TERROR: Female Attacker Shot and Killed After Shaar Shechem Stabbing Attempt (Videos, Photos)


A female Palestinian terrorist approached Israeli soldiers in Shaar Shechem today, holding a knife with a clear intent to harm or kill.

Israeli forces responded by neutralizing the attacker. Boruch Hashem, no Israeli officers were injured in the attempted attack.

The attacker has not yet been identified. The area around Shaar Shechem remains closed off.

The female terrorist came from Suleiman Street, running towards Shaar Shechem when she pulled out her knife and shouted, “Allahu Akbar.”

Found on her possession was a letter in which a verse from the Koran was quoted, signed with the word “Shaheed,” meaning martyr.

Yerushalayim District Commander Yoram Halevy said, “We are getting ready for major events in Yerushalayim, and once again we see an attempt to disrupt the quiet and routine of life in the city. Police deployed in the city will continue to maintain the security of all residents, with a clear understanding that anyone who tries to harm civilians and police will encounter a determined and immediate response.”




  1. She looks like she’s resting comfortably.
    Too bad the officer that shot her will probably end up getting a long prison sentence. At least, no show, Rex Tillerson will be happy.


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