Female Rabbi Appointed In Yerushalayim


In an unprecedented step, the religious Zionist Ramban Shul of Yerushalayim’s Katamon neighborhood became the first Orthodox shul in Israel to appoint a female assistant “rabbanit.” Karmit Feintuch, a mother of five, was unanimously selected by a committee and approved by over two-thirds of the community’s 140 members to help spiritual leader Rabbi Benny Lau conduct his day to day tasks.

Although Chief Rabbi of Efrat Rabbi Shlomo Riskin already appointed Dr. Jennie Rosenfeld as communal spiritual leader of his town last year, unlike Feintuch, she was not placed in charge of a shul.

Rabbi Lau decided to appoint a female assistant months ago, pointing out at the time that at least fifty percent of the community was comprised of woman. If people wanted to criticize, he wrote, what of it? People also criticized when women began reading Megillas Esther ten years ago, when female mourners began saying Kaddish, and when women began saying divrei Torah in shul.

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


    • And what about the beis yakov school system? Don’t pretend a need for something doesn’t’t cause innovation in the jewish community.

  1. The conservative movement is shepping nachas from these scoundrels who label themselves as orthodox but are essentially conservative jews in hiding whose true colors are starting to show, While the Conservative movement is in a sharp decline in membership and closing its temples at a swift rate B”H, it seems that these imposters and their cohorts in america and Isreal, feel the need to fill their shoes, We can only hope that they repent or follow the conservative movement in the abyss of failure

  2. Let’s get some facts out on the table here:

    1. Rabbi Benny Lau is the nephew of HaRav Yisrael Meir Lau, former HaRav HaRashi of the State of Israel, and currently HaRav HaRishi of the city of Tel Aviv.

    2. Rabbi Benny Lau IS NOT a product of Rabbi Avi Weiss and Yeshiva Chovevei Torah, referred to some as the “Open Orthodox” movement. Rabbi Benny Lau is a musmach of Yeshiva Har Etzion in Eretz Yisrael.

  3. If she can help with things for women that the women feel uncomfortable bringing to a Rav, then why not? The ladies are part of the community, no matter how much the right wing tries to hide them.

  4. Am I missing something? She is not THE Rabbi — just an ASSISTANT to the Rabbi. Which could be a good thing, since females have Sheilos as well (duh!)..

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